Areas of Speciality

  • Marine environmental technology evaluation;
  • Green energy adaptations for ships LED device manufacturing, test and certification; Physical security surveillance, assessment and management;
  • Management of command, control and secure communications including information analysis for intelligence and operations centers;
  • Assessment of Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and Exercises;
  • ASME training in Risk Asset Management for Critical Asset Protection (RAMCAP) plus. Includes special emphasis in Resilience Through Design (RTD);
  • Homeland Security Business Development;
  • Counter-terrorism /Anti-terrorism Preparedness & Risk Assessment;
  • Anti-piracy risk management and maritime terrorism analysis;
  • Evaluation of Consequence Management Plans and Exercises;
  • Field Testing and Analysis of Cargo Tracking Security Systems for Intermodal Supply Chain Risk Management.



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The 5 Key Questions of Our Risk Methodology

1) What Can Go Wrong?

2) How Likely Is It?

3) What Are the Consequences?

4) How Can We Best Manage the Risk Portfolio?

5) What Is Our Best Plan B When Plan A Doesn't Work Out?