Prizes, Awards, Qualifications

  • Admiral Colbert Prize for most significant strategic research in naval warfare conducted at national war colleges during year, 1987.
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff Prize for best military research essay at the national war colleges during year, 1987.
  • Department of Transportation - NSPE Federal Engineer of the Year. 1985.
  • Department of Energy National Federal Energy Award for invention of unique energy-saving designs on shallow water river craft. - 1984.
  • Three Legion of Merit medals and numerous other military medals, ribbons and decorations from the Defense Department, the Department of Transportation and the US Coast Guard.
  • Professional Engineer License (Mechanical Engineering) - State of Missouri - 1985 to present.
  • Level 100 - 400 Trained - NIMS Incident Command System.
  • ASME Congressional Fellow - 2007 - 2008



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